Library Policies


The library is open from 7:35 to 3:15 each day. The library is closed during high school 5th hour and high school lunch. Students may visit the library during your ELA hour or before school.


The PHS library contains approximately 12,300 books available for patrons. Books are purchased for the library that is grade appropriate and inviting to readers. The collection of books is maintained through school, parish and state appropriated funds.


Students may locate books using the web-based card catalog Follett Destiny. There are three computers in the library in which students can complete individual tasks or research. We have a thirty-computer lab that is utilized for classes. The library has access to EBSCO and World Book Online for research. See Mrs. LeBato for username and password information.


Damaged or lost books (textbooks or library books) are the responsibility of the patron. Report cards will be held at the end of the year for fees owed for lost or damaged books..

Library Rules

 Students are to be quiet and courteous to others while in the library. No food, gum or drinks allowed in library. Book bags are not allowed in the library. Students may come to the library during class with a teacher hall pass. 


Computer Lab Rules

 No students are allowed in the computer lab without a teacher. Students are to sit in assigned seats. No food, drinks or gum allowed in the computer lab. No games, music or downloading on computers. Computer settings are not to be changed. Print only what is required of your class. Only teacher approved websites are to be used. Push chairs in and turn computer off when exiting lab. Students must adhere to the VPSB Technology Code of Conduct while in the computer lab.